Eid break is going to end soon and we are all dreading having to come back to work on Monday.

Family, friends, and all the good home-cooked food (que opor) just makes it that much harder to face reality. Nevertheless, this week long break (for those of us who are lucky) is much needed to refresh our body and souls to finish the remainder of the year strong. Having some time away from the hustle and bustle in our hometowns or just simple staying in Jakarta to enjoy the non-existent traffic takes us away from regular routines to replenish and slow down a little. With a day or 2 left, here’s 5 things you can do to start the week strong on Monday:

1. Rest and sleep in

This is especially important for those of us who have been traveling from a holiday destination or from our hometowns. Long travel can take its toll on the body (especially those sometime 20 hour drives) and it is important to take some time to rest at home and just relax. Even for those staying-in this holiday, take a day just to sleep in. Have breakfast in bed, watch a show and take some time to smell the roses. When else can you just be in bed, with no thoughts of deadlines and burdens from the week before since you did not have any work last week! Having that quiet time for yourself will definitely do you some good for the week ahead.

2. Take some time to do an activity you love

To start the week off with a positive note, doing a hobby or an activity that you love will leave you feeling good about yourself. Do something that you usually do not have time for because of your busy work and social schedules, whether that be reading, painting, going to the gym, playing an instrument or simply just writing in your journal. These activities will be sure to lift your souls and put you in a good mood.

3. Pencil in “me time”

After a whole week being surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and grandparents, we can all say it can get a bit much. Hence, it can be a good idea once we are home, to seclude ourselves for awhile and enjoy some peace before the craziness starts again next week. Take some time to take care of yourself.  It can be a little Netflix and chill, a creambath at your favourite salon, or a stroll at the mall for some window shopping. Whatever it is that works for you, ‘me time’ is much needed.

 4. Schedule a work out

All that opor,ketupat, and delicious home-cooked food have left us coming home with some extra holiday weight. No shame in that at all. It is definitely well-deserved. We might have also put off going to the gym or working out this whole week as we’ve been out of town or simply in holiday mode. But now it is time to settle back in our routines and start getting active. For a jump start, start things slow this weekend to get you flowing back. Pencil in a session at the gym,  or a run around your komplek or even put on a yoga video on Youtube to get your sweat on. Whatever it is you choose to do, get active!

5. Set goals for the week ahead

Before Monday starts, sit down, get a piece of paper and a pen, and jolt down your to-do list for the week ahead. Prioritize what you need to do at work, errands you need to run and friends you want to meet. Having a to do list and checking them off throughout the week will leave you feeling productive by the end of the week. This will definitely boost your confidence to accomplish your goals this year.


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